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Announcement Regarding CCAC Mergers

The Cannabis Commerce Association of Canada  (CCAC) is pleased to announce the successful completion of membership transfers and mergers with the BC Micro License Association (BCMLA) and the Association of Canadian Cannabis Retailers (ACCRES).

All CCAC members who joined to participate in our producer-member categories are now eligible for membership in the BCMLA, which will continue the fight for fair and inclusive cannabis production and processing regulations.

Alternately, CCAC’s retailer members are eligible for membership in ACCRES, which will continue to advocate for cannabis retailers across the country.

CCAC’s Board of Directors will participate in Directorship and advisory positions with both organizations throughout the transitional period, and will continue to work on cannabis advocacy through both organizations.

CCAC offers its sincere thanks to our members for their support. While this change is bittersweet, we are very excited to bring more unity and collaboration to the cannabis advocacy project.

Contact Information

BC Micro License Association:

Association of Canadian Cannabis Retailers: 604.710.1794



Policies and Positions

Craft Cannabis

CCAC believe that Canada produces some of the best recreational cannabis in the world, and that there is a significant economic opportunity to be leveraged in the name 'BC Bud'. CCAC also believe this opportunity should be available to all cannabis producers who are willing to participate in a reasonable regulated system, rather than monopolized by a few wealthy insiders.

At a time when many Canadians are struggling to find a rewarding career, or even a job that can support a family, CCAC believe that properly harnessing the vibrant craft cannabis economy can be a huge net benefit to society.

Testing Standards

CCAC has been at the forefront of developing analytical testing standards for both medical and recreational cannabis. CCAC continues to work with independent, Health Canada-certified labs to ensure our members have access to testing for their products, and to develop ever more effective testing standards for cannabis.

Protecting Today's Jobs

A detailed economic analysis of the size of Canada's existing cannabis economy shows that anywhere from 40,000 to 100,000 people work in the cannabis sector, particularly in BC and Ontario. These jobs represent cannabis farmers and their agricultural workers (so-called 'trimmers'), as well as dispensary owners and employees, edible makers, hash oil extractors, and a host of other industries.

CCAC believe that the only way legalization will work for the benefit of all Canadians is if these existing jobs are integrated into the future legal marketplace. Destroying these jobs simply to appease prohibitionist sentiment is not only detrimental to legalization, but it will do significant damage to Canada's economy.

Training and Networking

CCAC has developed training programs for cannabis retailers (e.g. 'budtenders', dispensary managers, cannabis buyers, etc.), designed to ensure CCAC member businesses are kept up to date on industry-leading business practices.

CCAC also host networking events for members, to foster communication and sharing among our members.

Creating Tomorrow's Jobs

In addition to tens of thousands of existing jobs becoming legitimate and taxable, legalized cannabis has the potential to create tens of thousands more, particularly in the areas of biomedical research, tourism, and materials science.

CCAC believe that it is incumbent on government at all levels to consider the economic impacts of the cannabis economy in their community, and to work with the craft cannabis industry to properly harness these opportunities for the betterment of the entire community.

Best Practices

CCAC is often asked by local governments to consult on the development of cannabis retailer land-use bylaws, aka "dispensary bylaws". CCAC has worked with multiple municipal governments to help draft such bylaws, which local governments have used to great effect in their attempt to balance public safety with public health.


We must all obey the great law of change. It is the most powerful law of nature.
— Edmund Burke


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