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The story of the Cannabis Commerce Association of Canada (CCAC) began in late 2015, when three of CCAC's founding board members- Jaclynn Pehota, Philip Kwong, and Ian Dawkins- first began politically organizing cannabis businesses in Vancouver. Their proto-organization, the Cannabis Retailers, Distributors, and Growers' Association, or CARDAGAN, was founded in November 2015, in order to begin lobbying the City of Vancouver to reconsider some of the negative side effects of the City of Vancouver's new Medical Marijuana-Related Usage bylaw.

CARDAGAN quickly grew to approximately 100 member businesses in early 2016, and the founding representatives of the association have been able to leverage that grassroots voice in order to act as informed stakeholder representatives in conversation with government and regulatory officials. CARDAGAN members have met with government officials at the municipal, provincial, and federal level, including the Premier of B.C., and have also worked with regulated entities in Colorado, all in an effort to develop and advocate a sound, evidence-based policy for regulating craft cannabis businesses.

In an effort to continue their project of unifying the craft cannabis business community into a cohesive trade association, CARDAGAN's founding members have come together once again to found the CCAC: a national, democratic, and representative trade association for craft cannabis producers and retailers.


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We at CCAC know that this is both an exciting and confusing time for the cannabis industry, and that many people are uncertain what comes next for them and their business. If you have questions about joining our association, or what it means for your business, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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Board of Directors



Ian Dawkins

From his first job working as the national affairs policy analyst for the Canadian Federation of Independent Business in 2008, Ian Dawkins has spent the last decade deeply immersed in government relations, business policy, and regulatory affairs. Subsequent roles with other trade associations and industry organizations, including a year-long posting with the B.C. Utilities Commission, have given him a wide range of experience in both communication and policy development.



Bard College (New York)
B.A., Political Studies/Mandarin Chinese, 2008

National Taiwan University (Taiwan)
International Chinese Language Program, 2007




Jaclynn Pehota

Jaclynn Pehota lends CCAC her very valuable experience in governing trade associations, with a background in executive management with the Insurance Brokers' Association of BC, in addition to executive experience with Bell Mobility. However, she also has a deep history in the cannabis activist community, including work with Sensible BC, and is personally deeply committed to ensuring a free and fair marketplace for craft cannabis.



Simon Fraser University
B.A., English Literature, 2004

British Columbia Institute of Technology
Project Management Associate Certificate, 2006