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Times-Colonist: ‘Craft cannabis’ growers fight for legal role

CCAC President Ian Dawkins and CCAC Vancouver Island Representative Travis Lane spoke to the Victoria Times-Columnist today about the fight to include craft cannabis businesses in a legal marketplace:

"The government is still in the early stages of developing the legislation it plans to introduce next spring. Those behind a budding “craft cannabis” movement warn, however, that if the law favours large-scale commercial producers, then jobs and potential tourism revenues will be lost and the black market will continue to thrive.

“It’s going to be the National Energy Program all over again, but instead of Alberta and oil, it’s going to be B.C. and cannabis,” said Ian Dawkins of the Cannabis Growers of Canada, referring to the 1980 policy that infuriated Albertans when the federal government tried to gain more control over the oil industry."

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